Maggots at a local restaurant

Maggots dropping from above and all below the table at The Farthings Pub.

Me and my family popped out for a meal but to our horrors our food was not on the table but something living and crawling was. We had been waiting a long time for our food and im glad it did take long otherwise my step dad would of had maggots land in his food and he probably wouldn’t of noticed and eat them. We was just sitting there having a drink whilst waiting for the food when my step dad got up to go the bar as he left the table my mom noticed two bugs wriggling around I walked around to his side and realized they were maggots I looked under the table and there was loads on the floor i was heaving to myself like this is so disgusting I am not eating here. As i finished looking under table another one appeared on top of the table so now there was three on the top of the table what did it do come from the ceiling? How did they drop there! And why is there so many on the floor! We asked for a refund and got the hell out of there. They tried to say they had a funeral in yesterday and the kids had sweets everywhere the cleaners must not of cleaned properly. If I remember correctly maggots only come from  rotting meat or dead bodies. I wasn’t hanging around to eat the food, if the lounge isn’t clean i dread to know what the kitchen is like. I wont ever be going back in there again. I dont think that would of done my illness any good!


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