New Year New Start

who can keep this years resolutions?



So every one is shouting about their new year resolutions, but how many people can in fact stick to them throughout the remainder of the year? I can honestly admit that I have never stuck to one single resolution in my life. Its the year of 2017 and I truly hope it holds many happy days, health and wealth to all. We believe that each new year we get a new start to change things in our lives, we all want to move forward in life and preferably not stick in the past so with that change becomes a new you in my case a new me.


So what does 2017 hold for me I hear you ask? Well I am hoping this year I can start to get my illness under control so I dont feel like im dying every other month and take control of my mental state. I am due to be married on the 6th June this year, hopefully I dont have to postpone due to being so ill. Also I am going to look into some herbal and Chinese remedies to try and improve my health as I have never tried natural remedies before so I will be sure to keep a blog about my experience trying them. I have many appointments coming up regarding my physical and mental health so lets hope 2017 is the start of the road to recovery and some sort of relief for me. I wish everyone the best for year 2017 and every year yet to come.


The view for my wedding is perfect
The entrance to my wedding


At night it illuminates everything peaceful beautiful serenity.


This year I will fight my biggest battle and do everything in my power to be as strong as I can be to fight as much as I can and hopefully by the end of 2017 I can turn around and say I achieved some kind of goal whether it be fighting my demons in my head or hopefully better physical improvement I would love to start 2018 healthy as can be and mobile. Here’s to 2017 may it be a speedy recovery and healthy year for everyone.



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