A friend set up a go fund me page and i need some help to gain awareness please share



As i lie here on my sofa writing this each press of my keyboard is literally like the feeling of being in a car crusher. Every slight movement is now causing me such pain all my bones hurt i have dropped form 54kg to a shocking 44kg in the matter of a month! But i wont give up raising awareness. 

I went to hospital yesterday was really looking forward to it as I believed this time they was going to help me. Little did I know it would be the worst time visiting my gastro team. I had an mri scan a few weeks back so I was awaiting results however they told me they did the wrong scan they didn’t scan my bowels just my pelvic area. I was frustrated I am waiting for my bowel to be scanned so I can continue with an emergency operation I was due last year however they have basically told me to suffer and that I may not get funded for new treatment that I desperately need! Even tho i need an emergency ileostomy I have been put back on a very long waiting list all because last year I was pregnant so they couldn’t operate but I lost my daughter due to an ectopic the same month due operation ever since then ive got weaker by the day and I dont know how much more I can wait, each day is getting harder for me I feel like death. I dont understand how they can leave me to suffer like this. Its now affecting my mental health as I dont want to be here suffering in such pain every second of the day!

A friend of mine created a Go Fund Me Page to raise awareness and see if anyone would be willing to help me get better care and my operation faster. This made me feel like some people do actually care about me as my hospital clearly dont.

I would really appreciate anyone that can share my page to raise the awareness as I need a bigger audience to help me get the correct care.

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